Terms and Conditions

Purchasing:  All sounds, samples, and loops purchased from TORQUESOUND are for your own personal use and may not be transferred, shared, uploaded, or given to any third party or file sharing service, or offered for resale or public performance unless as a part of your own original music production.  TORQUESOUND provides streaming solely for the purposes of previewing the sounds.  You may not record or otherwise use the streaming content for any purposes other than to preview the products.

Ownership:  Ownership, and the related title to the Product is held by TORQUESOUND.  Copies of the Product are provided to you for the sole purpose of exercising your rights as a license holder of the Product.  When purchasing a product, you are purchasing a limited license to use this product in your original recordings.  Except as expressly authorized in this agreement, you may not sell, lease, rent, trade, sublicense, distribute, copy, transfer, display, stream, modify, or time share and Products, either for free or profit.  

Product Usage:  All products sold are subject to the terms in the license agreement.  The user license grants you the right to use the sounds in your original mixed music productions.  You agree to abide by the terms in the license agreement, and acknowledge that TORQUESOUND retains a proprietary interest in all sounds on the site.  Additionally, you acknowledge that any use by you that frustrates the purpose of this agreement or circumvents the revenue model of TorqueSound, including without limitation selling, renting, or otherwise distributing the sounds on the site other than mixed into you own original production, would cause irreparable damage to TorqueSound that could not be adequate compensated by damages.

Copyright:  When making a purchase from torquesound you are purchasing a licence to use the product in an original recording, copyright of the Product remains the sole property of Torquesound, and all rights are retained.  

Liability:  By downloading Products from the Site you agree that the liability of TorqueSound is limited to the amount that the User has paid to TORQUESOUND for the specific product.  We do not accept liability for any direct or indirect loss of any kind arising out of your use of the Site or in relation to Products downloaded from the Site either paid or free.

Disclaimer:  All services and the contents on this site are provided without warranties, either implied or expressed, of any kind.  TORQUESOUND cannot be held responsible for damages arising from the use of any of the sounds or any data files downloaded from the Site.  Playing sounds at excessive volume levels can cause damage to your ears, and equipment.  TORQUESOUND cannot be responsible for loss of data and recommends that you keep a full backup of purchased Products.

Refunds:  TORQUESOUND will provide a 100% refund on all individual products up to 15 days after purchase, excluding limited edition products and bulk orders. One refund per person.  To receive a refund, please contact support at support@torquesound.com.

LImited Edition Products: Products that are provided as limited edition will have only a limited number of licenses made available for purchase, we are unable to fulfill requests for orders after the order limit specified has been reached.  Due to the nature of limited edition products, we are unable to provide a refund and all sales are considered final.

Changes in Agreement:  This Agreement and/or any other terms of service are subject to change without prior notice. All such changes will be applicable to all Users from the date and time that the revised agreement is posted on the Site.  The Users continued use of the Site constitutes agreement to and acceptance of any and all such changes.